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  • CNC Machining

    The electro-permanent magnetic chuck are widely used for the vertical machining center 、Horizontal machining center、five-axis high-speed machine and gantry machining center.
    Allow single set-up machining  5 sides.

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  • Millling Machining

    Milling machining requires the holding force not less than 160N/cm2.
    The electro permanent magnetic chuck is completely availalbe to milling application,  Constant and uniform magnetic power over entire area.

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  • Lathe Machining

    The electro -permanent magnetic chuck is suitable for the lathe machining with high speed rotation because no electric power supply and no cable need to connected during clamping
    Constant and uniform magnetic power over entire area.

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  • Plastic Injection Machine

    EPPLC Is mainly for the solution to traditional injection molding machine, punch, closing device.
    • Better quality in molding
    • change the mould rapid within 3 minutes
    • Improve the performance of the injection machine and max.use of space
    • Power saving Safe use   
    • Simple operation

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  • Surface Grinding

    Electromagnetic plate and fine pole permanent magnetic chucks are more used for surface grinder.

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  • Vacuum Chuck for CNC Machining

    The chuck doesn’t need vacuum pump and connect with air compressor only. It can absorb any material of flat plate, such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, rubber, glass. also better effectiveness available for iron and steel.
    It can meet to five side machining.

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